Why Startups Should Outsource Brand Identity

Publish Date: April 9, 2021
3HM Team

When creating a startup, you’ve got a lot to think about. You’re mainly focused on your product or service, and consequently, you may not be attuned to what’s needed to make your startup really take hold: branding.  Building a brand is often the key ingredient that separates successful startups (that grow into thriving businesses) from flashes in the proverbial pan.

If you’re not a marketing type or branding isn’t really your thing, you’re wondering what branding your startup involves or how to do it right. You don’t really have time to get in the weeds and figure it out when you’re already doing multiple jobs trying to get your company up and running.

But make no mistake, you need to think about branding from the very beginning and invest the time and money needed to be sure you get it right. There’s too much at stake. This is why partnering with a startup branding agency is a great idea. With so many points of focus during the first year of your startup, outsourcing branding may be the key to success and lasting brand recognition during your second year and beyond.

Protect Your Vision

When hiring outside help for branding your startup, get started with a little preparation. Think about these questions, which you will soon be asked: Who is your target audience? What are your company values? What is the driving force behind starting this company? Will you be politically involved or remain neutral? Having these answers ready will help you get a good start and save time with the branding process.

Your vision for your company will be the foundation for truly successful branding. Many startups worry that bringing in outside branding companies for startups means that they will lose control over their vision for their company. Though branding specialists will steer you in the right direction, ultimately their job is to ensure that your vision is realized and strengthened. By incorporating your values into every aspect of your brand, your message of your company’s value is effectively communicated to your customers.

Branding Is Complex

What many non-experts don’t realize is that startup branding is more than just creating a logo and choosing a color palette. While those decisions are important, branding reaches every aspect of your business beyond the visual. Doing it piecemeal can hurt your brand persona and prevent your company from achieving success.

A strong startup branding strategy starts with your customer.  The concept behind the startup branding funnel is to match your brand with its audience from launch. Companies that do this successfully, like Apple and Nike, reap unbelievable rewards.

Key strategic considerations for startup branding include

  • Business Goals
  • Challenges and Opportunities
  • Brand Values, Tone and Characteristics
  • Key Competitors
  • Brands/Companies You Envy

These are the key elements that go into building a strong brand, but not the only components. It’s a complex process.  Because many people don’t realize the complexity of branding, outsourcing is often an ideal solution. Collaborating with a company that specializes in brand building for startups ensures that your bases are covered, and that all such efforts align with your vision.

It’s Possible to Botch Your Branding

Just because you understand the basics of branding doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to do it right, especially if your attention is split in order to keep your startup’s engine stoked. By hiring the right experienced startup branding agency, you’re more likely to dodge key branding mistakes that could derail your company. An extra bonus: you have more time to focus on your area of expertise.

Weak branding isn’t just ineffective. It can be downright detrimental. When you hire a startup branding agency, you eliminate this concern. Your startup branding agency is a storehouse of experts that do this every day. They will guide the branding process, making sure your choices are strong, they work well together, and they support brand longevity.

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