Get in Touch with Your Inner Monster

Publish Date: August 20, 2020

3Headed Monster is more than a fun name. Yes, 3Headed Monster describes our unique model that combines story, design and technology in our mutant DNA. Maybe you’d expect that from any modern full-service creative agency. But it’s also a cultural statement. The name expresses a cultural vision that values diversity and celebrates our differences.

We call ourselves “monsters” because we want a rich gumbo of personalities who are all very different from each other, gathered together in a culture that frees them to let their individuality and creativity fly. You see, the people at 3Headed Monster are different.  We’re quirky and unique. Each monster sees the world through a different filter.  And that’s a very good thing.  Multiple points of view promote innovation and stimulate creativity. We are a team made of offbeat individuals from divergent walks of life, with different talents and strengths. Our disparate backgrounds and world views allow us to achieve better results for our clients, whether that’s in creative advertising, brand logo design, video production, social media engagement or brand strategy.  It’s our secret sauce and our unfair advantage.

From the start, 3Headed Monster has been about diversity and inclusion.  In fact, 50% of our leadership is female, and 15% of our company are minorities. In an industry that struggles with these issues, we are proud to be a part of the solution. But we aren’t done yet. The search for diverse talent never stops.

Are you a future monster? Are you one of us? Do you have the mutant DNA?

If you’re creative, quirky, passionate and love good creative work, we’d love to meet you.  Share your skills and experience at [email protected] . . . and tell us what makes you weird.  Or contact us here. Are you a future monster?  Let’s find out.