Monsters in Ad Age: How Texas-based Agencies Are Weathering the Storm

Publish Date: April 9, 2021
Snow Storm

The polar vortex that plunged Texas into record low temperatures last month left local agencies struggling to keep their businesses going and, in some cases, a roof over their employees’ heads. With outages leaving basic services like water and heating suddenly cut off for millions, offices became temporary shelters while some coworkers became housemates, opening up their own homes to fellow staffers.

“Texas may be 50/50 on politics, but they were 100% for Texans that week,” says Crystal Anderson, partner and strategy director at Dallas-based 3Headed Monster. “Those with power and heat were quick to offer up their homes to their friends, coworkers and strangers. One friend made hundreds of tacos and collected blankets to distribute to the homeless.”

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