Taking on the Titans of Mobile

Samsung and Apple have a monopolistic grip on the mobile market. They overcharge, they’re overconfident and they take themselves a little too seriously – making the category ripe for disruption. Enter OnePlus, a brand that packs the same tech into their phones for about half the price. They’re #2 in China and #2 in India, but in the States they have only a niche following of in-the-know nerds. 3Headed Monster is changing that, positioning the brand as a force for democratized technology with the tagline “OnePlus for All.” And we’re taking on the titans of mobile, with a series of new product launches and creative that challenges convention. So far we’ve exceeded target sales for every new product launch, and their social following continues to expand.

Open Launch

“Bigfoot” Video

Nord Launch

“All Nighters” Video

“Magic Makers” Video

11  Launch

“Apple” Video

“Galaxy” Video


One Plus Out of Home 1
One Plus Out of Home 2
One Plus Out of Home 3

“Hyperboost” YouTube

“Supervooc” YouTube