Growing A Challenger Brand

Wingstop is one of the Top 10 Fastest-Growing Restaurants, a challenger brand that uses creativity at every touchpoint to fuel their rapid growth. 3Headed Monster brings creative flavor on the daily, amplifying national campaigns through the sales funnel and tackling local priorities market by market while our social team and in-house production crew produces content of every kind – videos, GIFs, art and memes. YoY sales, social followers and stock values are all up. Way up. And the momentum keeps rolling.

“Stephanie” Video

“Spice Adams” Video

“Virgins” Video

Wingstop - 11 Flavors of Love Print Cover
Wingstop - 11 Flavors of Love Print Spread
Wingstop -11 Flavors of Love Hickory Spread
Wingstop - 11 Flavors of Love OG Hot Spread
Wingstop - Influencers spread the love of Wingstop 11 Flavors of Love

“Vidbomb” Activation Video