Wingstop Social

Wingstop is a brand attuned to culture and organic social is an amazing place to stoke the fires of engagement. We have made over 1,000 pieces of content for Wingstop. Some content was very of the moment, responding to cultural happenings in real time. Some leveraged our designers, filling their IG grid with uniquely flavored coolness. And some were content series leveraging celebrities or influences and our in-house production arm, 3Headed Hamster. All of it together rolled like a social tsunami; followers and engagement numbers climbed.
Wingstop - Mango Habenero Graphic with WS Logo
Wingstop - Lemon Pepper Graphic with WS Logo
Wingstop - Hickory Smoked BBQ Graphic with WS Logo
Wingstop - Habenero Playstation Controller
Wingstop - Wingstop and Cuddles
Wingstop - Pixelated Mango Habenero drum
Wingstop - Lemon Pepper Xbox Controller
Wingstop - Hickory Smoked BBQ Xbox Controller
Wingstop - Jazzy Jeff Logo Graphic
Wingstop - Pixelated Hickory Smoked BBQ Graphic
Wingstop - Mango Habenero Character Graphic
Wingstop - Lemon Pepper Character Graphic
Wingstop - OG Hot Character Graphic