3HM Founder and Creative Chairman Featured in VoyageDallas’ Daily Inspiration

Publish Date: July 14, 2021
Shon Rathbone

Our very own 3Headed Monster Founder and Creative Chairman, Shon Rathbone, was featured as the Daily Inspiration piece in VoyageDallas’ online publication where they discussed Shon’s career, the founding of 3HM and the challenges he has faced.

“I figured out pretty early that I wanted to have my own creative shop one day where I could develop work the way I thought it should be done and in 2014, I founded 3Headed Monster. The crazy name actually describes our unique model, which combines the three essentials of modern marketing — Storytelling, Design and Technology — into one highly integrated team. I have great partners, and our agency is focused on something we call Tomorrow Brands (TM). Tomorrow Brands are brands that are forever innovating, relentlessly working to make tomorrow better for the people they serve. It’s all about disruption and challenging the status quo. Our two biggest clients, Wingstop and Tropical Smoothie Café, are two of the fastest-growing restaurants in the country. Our Texas Wines client is challenging California wines and giving them a run. These are the clients that get our blood up. We bring all our creativity and craft to the effort.”

Read the full article here.

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